Bulgarian Wedding Traditions

Bulgarian marriage ceremony traditions include several important traditions. The bride https://www.quora.com/What-do-I-tell-a-girl-when-I-want-her-to-be-my-girlfriend is certainly traditionally triggered a water feature to drink water. In this routine, the bride’s friends and family sing songs which might be intended to repel negative strength. The new bride is then led away to her new house, where she’s expected to follow a routine of housework.

Before the wedding, the groom’s relatives must agree to the marriage. It is not allowed for the bride to approach the future husband directly, and men should never kiss her. The star of the event should put on a small handkerchief with a clove of garlic on it. Guests are required to congratulate the newlyweds.

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The groom’s bulgarian women dating family likewise plays bulgarian women an important role in the marriage ceremony, serving the bride’s friends and family with pitka (a massive loaf of bread). The “kumove” are the closest friends in the bride, and they play an important function in the formulations. In Getaway, the bridegroom gives the bride’s mom a token, much like the best man or besty in the american tradition.

In Ribnovo, a town in southwest Getaway, a wedding is conducted by a selection of Pomaks. This kind of group of people follows the Islamic faith, and quite a few Pomak weddings last two days. Some other tradition, known as the “gelina”, is a traditional feast day that occurs in the bride’s home. Throughout the “gelina, ” the bride is covered within a white substance. This light substance is normally mixed with numerous shades, and the woman with dressed in a conventional costume.

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